Machin Ville Chloe The Steam Train

Machin Ville | Chloe

 Once, a long time ago, Chloe was a beautiful, luxury Steam Train.She loved to show the world her passengers.
But then, Airplanes and Highways were built and the people forget about Chloe.
They left her abandoned, in a small train station.
But on some nights, she wakes again, ready to pick up new passengers.

Chloe the Steam Engine is made with close precision, the entire model is carefully crafted.
Put some nostalgic romance in your runtime.

Chloe the Steam engine is crafted after real photos from old trains and the help from a friend which is a big fan of old Steam Trains.
He helped us with his suggestions and tips to make Chloe something special.

To make her unique, we mixed different styles together. From Different Country's and epoch's.
The texture maps are made as realistic as possible . With high resolution maps , even for close up renders.
All the fine details in Chloe are modeled out. No trans-maps was used here.

The link between the Coal tender and some additional wagon has an alternate Geometry to make it more realistic when no wagon is linked on the Coal tender.
So, you can close or open this link.

The railway has a small morph inside. It can be bend right or left.
Product Includes:
Chloe the Steam engine as pp2 and obj file
Coal tender as pp2 and obj file
Railway as pp2, obj file and one alternate Geometry for the morph

61 beautiful, realistic looking, high resolution texture maps. ( 2048 pix)
Additional Notes:
The Steam Engine is a High Polygon model, with many fine details and detailed Texture maps for more realism.
Please except longer loading and render time.
We would suggest you, when you have a older Computer to load only the props in your scene which are really needed.

You should have minimum 2 gig ram to get Chloe properly to work.

All the fine details on Chloe, like screws, pipes,....are inside the mesh. No Trans-map was used here.

Scene Statistics

Chloe the Steam Engine with railway ,Coal tender

Props :4
Materials :63
Polygons:452 100

Please check always the tab "Displacement" in your render settings.

Daz Studio NOT supported
Product Details:
Poser Version:     Poser 5 and up
Daz Studio:     NO
Zip Files:     3 (25,7Mb,21,6Mb,26,9Mb)

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