Machin Ville Desk Consul Mary Francis

Machine Ville | Desk Consul Mary Francis

Steampunk is the intersection of technology and Victorian romance.
It is not only Brass, Copper and gears. It is a style.
If you like Steampunk, you will love this desk.
Carefully modeled after the old sewing machines style, you'll see fine details on the feet and on the texture map.
Give your environment a touch of romance and adventure.

Noticeable details on the feet are in the mesh.
Only Poser's Shader is used. There is no displacement and transmap.
The Desk is High Quality mesh, perfect mapping with a own style.
Product Includes:
The Desk as poser prop and OBJ file
Texture maps.
Additional Notes:
D/S users need to apply materials manually since the mats supplied are not compatible with D/S.

Promos were renderd in Poser 7 Firefly.

Poser Version:     5 and up
Daz Studio:     Not Supported
Zip Files:     1 (4.31MB)

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