Maison des Mille Fleurs

Maison des Mille Fleurs

 Once it was a house, full of life - but one by one people disappear or die under mysterious circumstances.
Some say, the house consumes these people, other say the house is cursed because of a horrible accident at the time of it's construction.
Now, the house is abandoned, nobody dares to step foot inside the cold dead halls.

This Old Victorian house is a high detailed product.
The ornaments from the Winter garden, fences and gate are full models. No Transparency map was used here.
High detailed modeling work on the gargoyle and the fountain.
The winter garden loads separately, you can use it as standalone building for any of your
other projects and renders.
The Ivy's are made for Maison des Mille Fleurs , but they load seperatly and can be used in a different way too.

Beautiful detailed texture maps gives your render a Photo realistic and crisp way of looking.

Now it is up to you to bring the life back to "Maison des Mille Fleurs"

High detailed modeling
Photo realistic texturing
4 lights and camera settings for just load and render.

DS files are included.

Product Includes:
-The House, parted in 8 parts-
-Bassin with Fountain and Gargoyle-
-Winter garden-
-Fence right-
-Fence left-
-5 different Ivy plants for the Winter Garden-
-1 Ivy Plant for the Bassin and Fountain-
-3 Ivy Plants for the building-
-2 Ivy Plants for the fences-
-1 Ivy Plant for the Gate-
-High detailed Texture maps, Bump, Displacement and Transparency maps.-
-Daz Studio preset materials and shader for the building and plants-
-4 camera Presets-
-4 light Presets-
- Singel Materials for the flowers, leafs, to mix and match the Ivy's how you like them.


The lights and camera setting are only for Poser.
Please note, the camera and light pre settings may need some fine adjustments, depending on your render size and scene.

The Pose mat files are ONLY for DS Studio.

Poser user will find in the Material room the material files for the Ivy's and Flower's.

Important render Tip.

The fence, gate , winter garden and the Ivy's are high polygon models.
When you have an older machine, please load only the props which are needed for the scene to avoid long render time or Software crash.

Poser Version:     5 and up
Daz Studio:     DS 3 and up
Zip Files:     6 ( 22.3 Mb,25.3Mb,24.3Mb, 26.9Mb 2.42Mb, 25Mb)

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