Feel the magic of summer with this beautiful pose pack.
Give your renders a touch of summer .

The Papillon is a full rigged figure.
You can move the wings in each direction, change the size, to fit your image.

We decided to give the Papillon a jewelry look.
This gives you a lot more possibilities to use it.

You can use it as a hair jewel, pin, in a fairy scene........

The morphable ribbons give your image a aery, magical touch, with endless possibilities.

The partial poses you can mix and match to make your own unique artwork.

Product Includes:
-Butterfly as rigged figure , movable wings
-3 Color variations
-3 different ribbons , with many morph possibilities as prop
-5 different colors for the ribbons
-6 pre-morphed  ribbon Samples
-20 full body poses for V.2
-with partial poses for Upper body,
-lower body
-Texture file for the Butterfly wings
Additional Notes:
Please read carefully the readme for usage tips.

Poser Version:     5 and up
Daz Studio:     Yes
Zip Files:     1(11.905kb)

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