Shabby Chic French Style Vol 01

French Style Shabby Chic Vol01

 Shabby Chic is a style not a fashion.
It reflects timeless, Vintage Quality. The Shabby Chic style is light, warm and airy.
What makes Shabby Chic special, it has no rules.
Much loved items are put together whit style.

Beautiful out modeled details-
High resolution detailed texture Maps.Inspired by real Shabby Chic Furniture and Items-
Commode and Drawer are rigged and in  both you can open the drawer
on the commode you can move the handle for realistic interaction with your 3D Character-
Many detailed props for a real Shabby Chic decorated home-

Product Includes:
Room-as OBJ and PP2
Commode-as OBJ and CR2
Drawer-OBJ and CR2
Rocking Chair-OBJ and PP2
Little Table-OBJ and PP2
Carpet-OBJ and PP2
Cup sets -(2 different)-OBJ and PP2
Cruche Set -OBJ and PP2
Books-OBJ and PP2
Cloth stacks-OBJ and PP2
Wall and table Lamps-OBJ and PP2
Portrait-OBJ and PP2
Gift Boxes-OBJ and PP2

63 Texture and Bump Maps from 512x512-3072x3072 pix
Poser Version:     6+
Zip Files:     4(26,3 Mb,6,08 Mb,30,1 Mb,29,9 Mb, )

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