Shabby Chic French Style Vol 2 | Kitchen

-Window and door can be open and closed
-Buffet full rigged. Doors and drawers can be opened and closed
-Picknic basket full rigged. Handles move, top can be opened and closed
-Table can be opened and closed .
-Great details on the meshes
-High Resolution texture maps
Product Includes:
-Kitchen as pp2 and obj file
-Buffet as cr2 and obj file
-Picnic basket as cr2 and obj file
-Bread, lemon,tomato, vine bottle, potato, garlic trunk, Potatos in basket , Fruits in -Basket as pp2 and obj files
-Table, Chair, little shelf, stove, carpet, images as pp2 and obj files
-Pan and 3 different size of pots as pp2 and obj file
-Tablecloth as pp2 and obj file
-two plates, one cup, one bowl, one koffe pot as pp2 and obj files

-86 High Resolution texture mapps Bump, displacement, Normal mapps
from 512x512-3072x3072

Additional Notes:
We use as lights for our promos "Sunlight" from VinceBagna. Available here over RDNA.
On the detailed promos is NO Postwork, except the little frame.
We use the "Sunlight light pack" from Vincebanga like they come.
On the promos you see different presets from the lights.

Please note, depending on your lights and render settings, the final outcome could look
different than on the Promos.

Please check always "Use Displacement" in your render settings.

DS User please Note
The Kitchen works with some restriction in DS 4.6
The materials work only in Poser properly. In DS you will have to teak them

Poser Version:     7+
Zip Files:     4 (36,2 Mb,23,7 Mb,36,3 Mb, 34,6 Mb)

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