Andria V4

Andria for V4.2 is a curvy, classy, seductive, and cute little lady loaded with attitude and spunk!.

Andria is ready for anything you can throw at her .

She has:
8 eye mats
9 make-up mats
5 fingernail and toenail mats
6 tattoo options

Her skin is naturally pale with or without her real-looking tattoos. Her sparkling eyes come with realistic reflections also on her lips and her nails.

  Daz user's will not see the reflection in her eyes, on her skin, or on nails as this product is optimized for Poser and Poser Pro.

After you load her head and body injections DO NOT adjust any of her morph dials...this can result in over-exaggerated morphs. Andria's morph poses are designed to eliminate the need for dial adjustments in the properties tab of Poser.

If there is a problem with the mat poses (too much shine??) they can be adjusted in the material room in Poser.

PC and Mac compatible
Poser 4+
Daz 2.3+
PoserPro + V4.2

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