Phoebe Full Character

This package is an All-In-One offering!

Looking for a Female Toon Figure with Exceptional Quality , Utter Versatility and really has Everything Included in one Super Package ?

If so, your search ends here. NetherGirl-Phoebe is what you've been waiting for!

Would you like a figure with joints tweaked to perfection that can more-or-less use standard figure poses with a small bit of adjustment?

How about a figure with over 200 Head and Body Dials , logically categorized in dial groups that allow you to shape the head and body to your heart's content?

Would you like your figure to have limb length and sizing dials , including scaling the head, face and eyes to your own artistic vision?

Would semi-realistic skin textures with a full set of eyeshadow, lipstick and iris options entice you?

How about included clothing , such as superconforming bikini and catsuit , both with extra materials for customization?

Would you like hair included ?

How about extra tools, such as a Clothing MorphKit for 3rd party clothing (or help in touching up your own) and a full Hair Conversion Kit for converting hair from other figures (Victoria, Victoria 3, Koshini, Stephanie Petite and Aiko 3 included)?

It's ALL here ... one BIG package ...
...with a Wallet-Friendly Price!

Phoebe , the new flagship toon female from Netherworks Studios, with the flexible figure philosophy !


• Fully Posable Adult Toon Girl , Phoebe - High Quality, 47,542 Polygons, logically distributed with clean contours and density between joints
- Approximately 5'11 Tall, SemiRealistic Dial sets her at 5'3
- Optimized Mesh and cr2 for Quicker Loading
- Fully Modeled Teeth and Tongue
- Realistic Eyeballs with Cornea and OuterEye materials
- Separate Head, Body, Eye, Tongue/Teeth/Eyebrows/Eyelash (one map) UV Map Layouts.

• Completely jointed with Arm & Leg IK and Joint Limits - Limbs start slightly bent to facilitate Poser's IK. Phoebe includes standard body parts, including collars and buttocks.

• Professionally rigged . Bend Assiting JCM can be optionally loaded.

• Phoebe includes Body Scaling Dials that allow you to Resize the Head, Hands, Feet, Arm Length, Neck Length, Torso Length and Legs Length.

• Phoebe features hand dials for finger and thumb movement. Dials included : ThumbGrasp, Spread, FingersArc, IndexBend, MidBend, RingBend, PinkyBend, Grasp for each hand.

• Phoebe's Face is very customizable and great effort was made to make this as putty-like as possible. You can change the position of the ears, eyes, nose, lips and also scale them. Phoebe's face can be made smaller, brought down, or scaled horizontally and vertically to suit your tastes.

• All Morph Dials are organized in logical groups for ease of use in Poser 5/6 and DAZ Studio.

• Head Dials and Morphs included (195 Dials!)

• Keeping in with a flexible-figure Philosophy , Phoebe has plenty of dials for changing the shaping of the various limbs and body areas. These are organized in logical dial groups for easy of use in Poser 5/6 and DAZ Studio.

• Phoebe features a special SemiRealistic Dial for less toony proportions!

• Phoebe includes the next evolution in figure posing, Pose ERC ! Turn one dial to naturally bend the Arms (or Legs) up or down, twist them, bring them forward or back. Also includes several hip rotation adjustments. Our PoseWriter Premium script (Poser only) is included , free of charge, to allow you to save enhanced poses to your pose library.

• Body Dials and Morphs Included (over 80!)

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