Artifacts: Naga Spade and Shield

Artifacts: Naga Spade and Shield

 Unleash the enormous power of ancient artifacts for your renders!

With Artifacts: Naga Spade & Shield (wonderful addition to the Naga line), you will feel the magic and awe everyone who looks at your images!

 - Breathtaking modeling
- Striking detail
- Matching the other "Artifacts: Naga" series props.
- Spade and Shield are figure independent, so that you can use them with any figure!

- 2 awesomely detailed props: 1 Naga Spade prop, 1 Naga Shield prop

- Fantastic color and bump textures: 2 textures 2048 by 2048 pixels (color and bump), 2 textures 1024 by 1024 pixels (color and bump)

- 2 texture templates

- D|S mats, courtesy of BellaDragon (separate zip)

- These two props are figure independent, so that they can be parented to any figure (human, monster...).

Both NagaSpade and NagaShield load centered in the scene, you have to translate/scale it to put it where you want it, and parent it to your figure's hand when done (if hand held).

- D|S users need to download the D|S files (courtesy of BellaDragon, see readme for instructions for use).

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