Cirque du Macabre: Knife Thrower

With Cirque du Macabre: Knife Thrower, add the thrill of danger to your Circus scenes! He is suited for Fantasy and other themes, too, and with a beard would make an unusual Santa!

The Knife Thrower comes with two sheathed knives, a standalone knife, three throwing knives, and a blindfold, plus a Victim Wheel to throw his knives, and poses.

His superb textures and unique clothing style will make him stand out of the crowd and steal the show, by himself or with his victim sidekick on the Wheel.

Unique, exhilarating clothing
Knives and Victim Wheel
Awesome textures

10 figures: ArmStrapLeft, ArmStrapRight, Belt, LegStrapLeft, LegStrapRight, Pants, Shirt, Shoes, Vest, and Victim Wheel
14 props: KnifeSheathedLeft, KnifeSheathedRight, KnifeSheathLeft, KnifeSheathRight, BlindFold, KnifeSolo, KnifeSolo_L, KnifeSolo_R, ThrowKnife1_L,ThrowKnife1_R, ThrowKnife2_L,ThrowKnife2_R, ThrowKnife3_L,ThrowKnife3_R
1 custom Knife Thrower head morph (INJection and REMoval poses)
4 Knife Grasp poses: KnifeGraspLeft, KnifeGraspRight, LigthGraspLeft, LightGraspRight
6 Throw poses: Throw_01, Throw_02, Throw_03, Throw_04, Throw_05, Throw_06
2 Victim Wheel poses to use with Victoria 4 and the Victim Wheel: V4Victim, V4Victim_Wheel
12 MAT poses: ArmStrap, Belt, BlindFold, KnifeSolo, LegStrap, Pants, Sheath, Shirt, Shoes, ThrowKnives, Vest, VictimWheel
12 Material/Material Collection files: ArmStrap, Belt, BlindFold, Knife, LegStrap, Pants, Sheath, Shirt, Shoes, ThrowKnife, Vest, VictimWheel
28 textures: 2048 by 2048 pixels (16), 1024 by 1024 pixels (12) - Color, Bump, Diffuse, Specular
7 texture templates
 There are now D|S MAT poses for the Knife Thrower , available here in the Freebies section.
Poser Version:     5 and above
Daz Studio:     No
Zip Files     1 (24.6 Mb)
Requires:     Poser, Uni-Dwarf figure

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