Ogrette Faces

With Ogrette Faces, make each of your female ogrez truly one of a kind and special, no matter how many of them you have in your scenes!

Now in as many stunning face shapes as you want them to have, including cute and beautiful!

Give your Ogrette what she needs, today, new faces and super conforming for her hair!

    • 10 custom Ogrette Faces for the Ogrette figure (Partial Body Morphs), via 1 INJection pose,
• 1 customized, super conforming Hair_OgretteFaces figure, loading with the 10 matching morphs,
• 10 individual poses (one for each custom face), to apply to Ogrette,
• 1 zero pose,
• 1 REMoval pose, to remove the OgretteFaces morphs from the Ogrette figure

• 1 INJection pose, injecting 10 custom Ogrette Faces in Ogrette figure (Partial Body Morphs),
• 1 Super Conforming Hair_OgretteFaces version of the Ogrette Hair figure,
• 10 poses, one to apply each of the Ogrette Faces to Ogrette,
• 1 Zero pose (to set all OgretteFace dials 01 to 10 to zero),
• 1 REMoval pose, to remove the OgretteFaces morphs from the Ogrette figure.

1) load/select the Ogrette figure BEFORE loading the !OgretteFaces_01-10-INJ morphs INJection pose.
2) load the Hair_OgretteFaces figure (Poser: conform it to Ogrette - D|S: already fitted to Ogrette)
3) select the Ogrette figure (once the morphs are injected)
4) now you can use the individual poses provided, or you can control the 10 PBM master dials from the Ogrette's BODY body part (more possibilities that way).
The Hair will super conform (i.e. automatically match the Ogrette Faces).

Poser Version:     Poser 6+
Daz Studio:     DAZ|Studio 2.3 +
Zip Files     Zip File (2.3 Mb)
Requires:     Poser or DAZ|Studio, and the Ogrez: Ogrette figure

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