Orbs Magic

A fabulous Orbs set, for all your magic, fantasy and steampunk needs!
Many figures supported via poses, and easy to fit to any other figures.
Great as standalone objects too!

Includes: 1 Generic Orb Prop, 50 smart Orb props for 25 Poser figures, 40 Hand Poses, 36 MAT Poses, 36 Material Collections, 25 wonderful Textures.
 Amazing materials with unique textures,
Smart Orb Props for 25 figures,
Hand Poses,
MATerial Poses (which can also be applied to the Orb of "Orbs Magic: Orb Stand, sold separately),
Material Collections (which can also be applied to the Orb of "Orbs Magic: Orb Stand, sold separately).

1 Generic Orb Prop

50 Smart Orb Props:
ORB_APM2005_L, ORB_APM2005_R, ORB_APM2007_L, ORB_APM2007_R, ORB_Aiko3_L, ORB_Aiko3_R, ORB_Aiko4_L, ORB_Aiko4_R, ORB_Ben2_L, ORB_Ben2_R, ORB_Freak_L, ORB_Freak_R, ORB_Grey_L, ORB_Grey_R, ORB_Hiro3_L, ORB_Hiro3_R, ORB_JamesG2_L, ORB_JamesG2_R, ORB_James_L, ORB_James_R, ORB_JessiG2_L, ORB_JessiG2_R, ORB_Jessi_L, ORB_Jessi_R, ORB_Kate2_L, ORB_Kate2_R, ORB_KelvinG2_L, ORB_KelvinG2_R, ORB_KojiG2_L, ORB_KojiG2_R, ORB_M3Skeleton_L, ORB_M3Skeleton_R, ORB_M3_L, ORB_M3_R, ORB_Miki2_L, ORB_Miki2_R, ORB_OgreRDNA_L, ORB_OgreRDNA_R, ORB_SheFreak_L, ORB_SheFreak_R, ORB_SimonG2_L, ORB_SimonG2_R, ORB_SydneyG2_L, ORB_SydneyG2_R, ORB_V3Skeleton_L, ORB_V3Skeleton_R, ORB_V3_L, ORB_V3_R, ORB_V4_L, ORB_V4_R.
For the following 25 figures:
Apollo Maximus 2005, Apollo Maximus 2007, Aiko 3, Aiko 4, Ben 2, the Freak, Grey (ExprssnImg, at RuntimeDNA), Hiro 3, James G2, James, Jessi G2, Jessi, Kate 2, Kelvin G2, Koji G2, M3 Skeleton, Michael 3, Miki 2, Ogre (RDNA), SheFreak, Simon G2, Sydney G2, V3 Skeleton, Victoria 3, Victoria 4.

40 Hand Poses:
Aiko3_Left, Aiko3_Right, Aiko4_Left, Aiko4_Right, APM2005 (Left or Right), APM2007 (Left or Right), Ben2_Left, Ben2_Right, Freak (Left or Right), Grey_Left, Grey_Right, Hiro3_Left, Hiro3_Right, James (Left or Right), JamesG2_Left, JamesG2_Right, JessiG2_Left, JessiG2_Right, Jessi_Left, Jessi_Right, Kate2_Left, Kate2_Right, KelvinG2_Left, KelvinG2_Right, KojiG2_Left, KojiG2_Right, Michael3 (Left or Right), M3_Skeleton (Left or Right), Miki2_Left, Miki2_Right, Ogre RDNA (Left or Right) (for RDNA's Ogre figure), SheFreak (Left or Right), SimonG2_Left, SimonG2_Right, SydneyG2_Left, SydneyG2_Right, Victoria3 (Left or Right), V3_Skeleton (Left or Right), Victoria4_Left, Victoria4_Right.

36 MAT Poses:
MAT_AllWhite, MAT_ArteReflect1, MAT_ArteReflect2, MAT_ArteTwins1, MAT_ArteTwins2, MAT_Artefact, MAT_Cracks1, MAT_Cracks2, MAT_Glass, MAT_GlassRefract, MAT_MagicSwirl, MAT_Mesh, MAT_MirrorBlue, MAT_MirrorGreen, MAT_MirrorGrey, MAT_MirrorPurple, MAT_MirrorRed, MAT_MirrorWhite, MAT_Spirals, MAT_SpiralsTwins, MAT_SwirlArte1, MAT_SwirlArte2, MAT_SwirlBalls, MAT_SwirlCracks1, MAT_SwirlCracks2, MAT_SwirlMesh, MAT_SwirlOrange, MAT_SwirlOrballs1, MAT_SwirlOrballs2, MAT_SwirlSpirals, MAT_SwlMirBlue, MAT_SwlMirGreen, MAT_SwlMirGrey, MAT_SwlMirPurpl, MAT_SwlMirRed, MAT_SwlMirWhite.

36 Material Collections (for Poser 6 and above):
MC6_AllWhite, MC6_ArteReflect1, MC6_ArteReflect2, MC6_ArteTwins1, MC6_ArteTwins2, MC6_Artefact, MC6_Cracks1, MC6_Cracks2, MC6_Glass, MC6_GlassRefract, MC6_MagicSwirl, MC6_Mesh, MC6_MirrorBlue, MC6_MirrorGreen, MC6_MirrorGrey, MC6_MirrorPurple, MC6_MirrorRed, MC6_MirrorWhite, MC6_Spirals, MC6_SpiralsTwins, MC6_SwirlArte1, MC6_SwirlArte2, MC6_SwirlBalls, MC6_SwirlCracks1, MC6_SwirlCracks2, MC6_SwirlMesh, MC6_SwirlOrange, MC6_SwirlOrballs1, MC6_SwirlOrballs2, MC6_SwirlSpirals, MC6_SwlMirBlue, MC6_SwlMirGreen, MC6_SwlMirGrey, MC6_SwlMirPurpl, MC6_SwlMirRed, MC6_SwlMirWhite.

25 Textures (1024 by 1024 pixels):
Orb_B7.jpg, Orb_C1.jpg, Orb_C2.jpg, Orb_C3.jpg, Orb_C4.jpg, Orb_C5.jpg, Orb_C6.jpg, Orb_C7.jpg, Orb_S1.jpg, Orb_S2.jpg, Orb_S3.jpg, Orb_S4.jpg, Orb_S5.jpg, Orb_S7.jpg, Orb_T1.jpg, Orb_T2.jpg, Orb_T3.jpg, Orb_T3b.jpg, Orb_T4.jpg, Orb_T5.jpg, Orb_TL7.jpg, OrbInside_C1.jpg, OrbInside_S1.jpg, OrbInside_T1.jpg.

1 Template (1024 by 1024 pixels):
Poser Version:     Poser 6 +
Daz Studio:     Not Tested in Daz Studio

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