Playful V4-A4-V4 Elite

Playful V4-A4-V4 Elite

Even if DAZ|Studio is not supported, the garment works perfectly due the fact that the textures use basic nodes only (with some limitations in the look of the textures and would need some adjustments to achieve certain special look and feel)

Character, hair, shoes and jewels not included. (the Shoes and jewels used in the promo iages comes from my RH Sultry pack)

You need to have V4.2 by DAZ to use this pack and optionally the Morphs++, Aiko4 or Elite morph packs. 

Poser 6 and Up, DAZ Victoria 4.2
PC and MAC Compatable

Usage: the Tennis Dress and all the companion accesories has lots of special morphs
in order to achieve more position and situations and avoid some of the poke out
problems due extreme poses, use your imagination to mix and match all those
morphs for a realistic and pleasant result!

Useful tip:
Remember, in order to make Poser work over superconforming morphs you must need
to choose Victoria4->Body Before you load the cloth item and conform,now
conform, and then again, choose Victoria4->Body and load the next cloth item and
conform and so on, this way when you inject a morph in V4 all the cloth items
will follow the body shape ( in case that morph exists in the clothes too).


Since this pack using a very clever superconforming Techniques, all the morphs dials are hidden and you dont need to use them as far as you load the conforming
pieces as stated here.

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