Rogue Lore V4

Rogue Lore

Introducing Rogue Lore, a sexy, fun, gothic flavored outfit that all your favorite V4 characters have been waiting for. Rogue Lore was designed to be sassy, edgy, and sexy, and can easily product a variety of different moods and looks. It's extremely versatile, unique, and easy to use. As always, we have included many morphs in each piece, to make fitting to your V4 or A4 gals a simple task. A list of morphs included can be seen in the readme.

Rogue Lore Includes:

*Leather, form-fitting hooded dress, with sheer side insets and sheer "peek-a-boo" design inset in front....includes special morphs to enlarge the hood or lower it, and also morphs to shorten the skirt.
*Leather bandeau bra and matching thong
*Fabulous leather "stomp" boots, with straps and buckles. Includes fun morphs to unbuckle the top strap on each shin, and also to move the back tab.
*Boot socks, with a morph to slouch and pull down (Note: they are "faux" socks, with no foot.)
*Leather arm gloves, with strap and buckle
*Leather belt, with metal spikes and rings
*Leather garter, with silver studs, strap and buckle
*Belt charm...a silver ankh style cross with ruby stones
*Matching ankh charm earrings and ring for the right hand
*Leather armbands with ankh charm

Also included are extra textures for the hooded dress, socks, and the bandeau bra and thong.

You may have noticed that we used Sira Black by Rhiannon in all the promos. It only seemed natural for Sira to model this outfit for's really perfect for her and she needed something new in her wardrobe. With that said, we have included a library of pose "fits" for Sira in the package, to make it easier to use for those who own her with Rogue Lore as well.

Make sure to review the readme file for Rogue Lore, as it contains important information that can be useful.

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