Perfect for Portraits 2

Perfect for Portraits Too

Special instructions for the Backdrops:

The Backdrop textures are set to work with a special .cr2 file that you will have to create, since including it would violate Daz3D's copyrights...and we don't want to
do that! 

It won't take a minute to set up.  When you run Poser, get rid of the standard male, and select the MPCycForest character from the Environment folder.  Once it's loaded, select each one of the 3 Planes, and make them invisible. Once they're all invisible, and the Cyclorama figure is the only one visible, save it to your Environment folder by clicking on the + at the bottom of the Library.  Name it BlankCyc.

You need to load that BlankCyc character any time you wish to use any of the Backdrops, as the Backdrops do not make use of the Planes.  The Backdrops, located in the Pose library, will apply to the BlankCyc with a click.


Poser 5+



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