V4-A4-Girl 4: Caucasian Beauty Anita

Three characters, one name - that's Anita, a beautiful girl for Victoria 4 / Aiko 4 / The Girl 4.

Choose your favorite figure and give her the face of an angel, the face of Anita !

In case you want to make Anita a fairy, a pair of elf-ears is included !
For more versatility there is a "no pubic hair"-option.

All textures were made with great care from high resolution textures.

Thanks for purchasing Anita V 4. Enjoy her !

Anita comes with:
Full Anita V4 INJ/REM
Full Anita A4 INJ/REM
Full Anita G4 INJ/REM
1 Eyelash option
1 Head texture 3500x3500
1 Head bump map 3500x3500
1 Head specular map 3500x3500
1 Body text. pubic 3500x3500
1 Body text. no pubic 3500x3500
1 Body bump map 3500x3500
1 Body specular map 3500x3500
1 Limbs texture 3500x3500
1 Limbs bump map 3500x3500
1 Limbs specular map 3500x3500
1 Mouth texture 2000x2000
1 Mouth bump map 2000x2000
6 Eye colors
5 make-ups 3500x3500
4 make-ups 4000x4000
1 De-make-up 3500x3500
6 Nail colors for fingers and toes
1 Natural color for fingers and toes
9 Lip colors
1 Transmap for lashes
1 Transmap for cornea

PC and Mac compatible
Poser 6+
DAZ Studio 2.3+
V4 morphs++
V4 Elite Shapes

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